Spotlight on Men’s Health

‘Making healthy connections’ was the theme of Men’s Health Week 2018 (11-17 June). Its focus is on improving men’s health outcomes, creating a healthy environment that supports men, and awareness of services to achieve good health.

Statistics indicate that on average males suffer from more illnesses, have more accidents and are likely to die earlier than females. But men in general, tend to take their health for granted and are often reluctant to talk about their physical health or emotions.

Talk to someone you trust – your partner, a family member, a mate at work or a friend – to share any concerns you may have. And by using health services, you can stop a minor problem turning into something bigger.

Here are a few leads towards improving men’s health outcomes

  • If you have a concern, talk to someone you trust. It’s healthy to talk.
  • Get medical help if you don’t feel well, have a problem that won’t go away or notice unusual symptoms.
  • It’s OK to seek help – don’t try to do everything on your own or assume that problems will go away on their own.
  • You are not alone. Many men have physical, mental or emotional issues.
  • Be informed. Knowing about potential problems can help to avoid them. The internet is a great source for free fact sheets and information booklets, or call a relevant hotline.
  • Seek professional help through specialist or counselling services for the best course of action.

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