Regulated Restrictive Practices

A Regulated Restrictive Practice is any practice that results in any form of restriction on the freedom of movement or rights of a person with a disability, where the specific purpose of those interventions and strategies is to protect the person or others from harm.

We are able to develop protocols for a Regulated Restrictive Practice when they have been involved in developing a comprehensive Behaviour Support Plan and only when it is seen as necessary to ensure the person can be supported safely.

Each ‘Implementing Service Provider’ that would like to use these protocols MUST provide its own Restrictive Practices Panel Authorisation process. Each Implementing Provider must also monitor and report on all use as required. Monitoring on the use of restrictive practices is seen as essential part of the NDIS model.

We are committed to the reduction or elimination of restrictive practices and follow a model of using the least restrictive practices possible with an aim to fade out whenever possible. We follow the Australian Government’s – National Framework for Reducing and Eliminating the Use of Restrictive Practices in the Disability Sector.

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