Purple Day raises awareness of Epilepsy

March 26 is Purple Day, dedicated to raising epilepsy awareness

Epilepsy is a condition of the brain, not a mental illness, characterised by recurrent seizures.

There are currently 40 different types of seizures, ranging from loss of consciousness, convulsions, to staring blankly ahead. However, most of the general public only think of one type of seizure relating to epilepsy due to its prominence in the media: the grand mal seizure (or tonic clonic seizure).

Nowadays epilepsy isn’t seen as a stigma and there are many anti-epileptic medications out there to manage seizure activity. If you have epilepsy, or support someone with epilepsy, a seizure monitoring chart is a great tool to seizure management and specialists (normally a neurologist or paediatrician) love data collection to help with their recommendations on medication.

A good monitoring chart would have description of seizure (sometimes it’s best not to classify the seizure type), length of seizure, how you felt after, any triggers, and, if you are on medication it’s good to record if you feel any side effects.

There is research to suggest that Julius Caesar had epilepsy. So, if you or someone you support has epilepsy, don’t let it hold you back. It didn’t hold Julius Caesar back one bit.

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