Positive Behaviour Support

Our services are delivered by our professional team who work within the ethical guidelines of their respective National Registration frameworks. The EHS team use an evidence based Person Centred Approach at all times.

Person Centred Approach

  • People with a disability and their families have the strengths and resources to contribute to a good life.
  • It supports individuals to be empowered and make decisions, and enables individuals to be in control of the process of change.
  • Person with disability (and family) at centre of decisions relating to their life, listening, sharing and seeking feedback.
  • These approaches are made up of a set of values and attitudes
  • Exercise choice and control over daily lives, irrespective of their physical or cognitive disability
  • Participants are involved in meaningful activities and relationships on their own terms
  • In line with NDIS approach of ‘choice and control’

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

  • Evidence based approach that is educational, proactive and respectful
  • Key goal is to improve quality of life of person who exhibits challenging behaviour
  • Another goal is decrease frequency and duration of challenging behaviour
  • Based on individual assessment and observation and aims to understand the reasons why a person displays a behaviour of concern (by using a functional assessment)
  • Individual goals are achieved by:
    • identifying the triggers and developing strategies to avoid these
    • teaching new skills and coping strategies
    • changing the environment to encourage appropriate behaviours
    • training and monitoring staff delivery
  • PBS keeps the person and those around them safe (if proactive strategies are not working in an instance then focussed responsive strategies can be used if required)
  • PBS uses a modern and ethical approach which avoids the use of punishment and / or aversive practice

The Positive Behaviour Support Plan (PBSP) is a document or series of linked documents that outline strategies designed to deliver a level of behaviour support appropriate to the needs of a customer.

For more information call 1300 372 747 or email referrals@ehs.org.au

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